“What Will You Tell Your Grandchildren?” Pastor Prontnicki’s Words to the Board of the Abington Hospital, April 20, 2015

“What Will You Tell Your Grandchildren?”

Speaking to the Abington Hospital Board April 20, 2015

Pastor Louis Prontnicki


God has blessed my wife, Lynn, and I with five adult sons and with two adorable grandsons. Many of you have likewise been blessed with children and grandchildren.

And maybe this has been your experience: Sometimes as our sons were growing up, they would ask us questions about what we did in the previous decades. “Were you afraid during the Cuban Missile crisis?” “What was it like to be in college during the Vietnam War?” “Did you ever protest in Washington DC?” They wanted to know if we tried to make any difference in this country.

I suspect that as our grandchildren grow up, they will ask similar questions of us.

So I am wondering what each of you have said, or will say, to your children or grandchildren, when they find out that you served as trustee of Abington Memorial Hospital; that you were willing to “accept responsibility for (the) governance (of the hospital).

And when they find out that thousands of unborn babies were aborted at this hospital, under your governance, what will you tell them when they ask you” “Grandpa, did you do anything to speak up for those little babies who were being put to death in your hospital? Grandma, did you stand up and defend those innocent lives? Grandpa, did you vote against the policy that allowed precious babies to be aborted in your hospital? Grandma, tell me that you were willing to cast a vote to reverse such a horrible policy in your hospital!”

What will you be able to tell then when they look in your eyes?

What will you say to them, given that you have responsibility for the governance of this hospital?


Like many of you, I am not only a grandparent, but also a trustee, (not of a hospital, but of a school.) And I know that a trustee must take his or her responsibility very seriously.

And so I appeal to you, as a fellow parent and grandparent, and as a fellow trustee, to think hard how you will answer your children and your grandchild, when they ask you, “What did you do to rescue the lives of those babies? Did you stand up and defend those innocent little children?”

And if that doesn’t make you stop and reconsider, then I remind you that we will all stand before the Judgement seat of Christ. Everything we have been responsible for will be exposed, and we will have to give an account to God for our actions.

I am praying for you that God would give you soft hearts and sober minds on this life and death matter. Thank you.