Why Granting Marriage Licenses to Same Sex Couples is Wrong: An Open Letter July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013
To the Editor of the Ambler Gazette
An Open Letter

To Joshua Shapiro, Chairman of the Montgomery County Commissioners;
To Bruce Hanes, Montgomery County Registrar of Wills; and
To Risa Ferman, Montgomery County District Attorney:

As a pastor in Montgomery County who deals with marriage licenses for couples, I am dismayed that you have either granted marriage licenses for same sex couples, or done nothing in your power to stop this unlawful action. As my attempts to dialogue with you have been fruitless, I am writing this open letter. Please carefully consider my reasoning for why your stance is wrong:
One, it is illegal to do issue such licenses. Mr. Hanes, as the county registrar of wills, you have taken the law into your own hands; you have no authority to issue these invalid licenses. The Defense of Marriage Act is still the law of our commonwealth.
Two, it is irrational to do so. This action opens the door to marriage licenses being granted to anyone who wants one. If you issue them to two men or two women, why not to one man and three women? Why not to a father and his daughter? Why not to a woman and her cat? You have lost your rational basis to say “no” anymore. Anarchy will prevail.
Three, it is immoral to do so. God has clearly designed marriage to be the union of one man and one woman (see Genesis 2:24). Jesus defined marriage as the covenant commitment of one man and one woman for life (Matthew 19:4-6). Any other re-defining of marriage is a rebellion against the Holy God.
Four, it is illogical to do so. To attempt to join two females or two males in such a union is as ill-fated as trying to join two female ends or male ends of two garden hoses together. Try it: it doesn’t work. You can’t make reality whatever you want it to be.
I humbly urge you to reverse your position on giving licenses to same sex couples, and to uphold marriage as God intended it, and as the laws of our commonwealth require it.

Yours truly,
Pastor Louis Prontnicki
Maple Glen Bible Fellowship Church